5 Travel Resolutions And How To Keep Them

5 Travel Resolutions And How To Keep Them

If you’re an avid traveler, you’ve probably come up with New Year’s wanderlust resolutions for 2019. We certainly have a list of places we’re keen to explore this year, and we can’t wait to start checking a few off! But those aren’t the sort of travel resolutions we’ll be talking about here. Instead, we’re going to look at the more practical side of travel with this list of 2019 goals and tips for achieving them. These are the types of resolutions that apply to any traveler, so let’s get started!


Travel Resolution #1

Be more adventurous:

Okay, okay, this one is a vague, overarching statement, so let’s narrow it down a bit: do more adventurous activities. It’s all too easy even for travelers and wanderers to fall into a sort of routine. The more experience you gain travelling, the easier it becomes, and sometimes it can even lose that spark of adventure that made you start exploring the world in the first place!

travel adventure
Here’s to climbing more mountains in 2019!


Set a goal to accomplish a certain amount of adventurous activities by the end of the year. We’ve decided that our goal is to do one adventurous thing every month. No, you don’t need to jump out of an airplane or snowboard down a mountain while being pursued by an avalanche in order to be adventurous. Things like trying foods you normally wouldn’t, attempting a challenging hike, or learning Bollywood dancing all count as adventurous activities!


Travel Resolution #2

Be more economical:

Saving is probably one of our biggest challenges, and it seems we’re constantly trying to come up with ways to pinch our pennies (sometimes not very successfully). Even then, we usually find out we’re not saving nearly as much as we’d like to, which translates into less travel.

travel savings
Let’s get saving for more adventures!


Here’s the thing, if you have to think monthly about setting aside a certain sum, it’s probably not going to happen. Sure, some months you will do it, but there’ll be others where you’ve spent more than you should and you simply don’t set aside any savings. To combat this, Gaurav and I have decided to open a savings account and have a certain amount automatically transferred from our monthly paychecks. Automating it takes away the ‘will I, won’t I’ aspect of saving and makes it a heck of a lot simpler.


Travel Resolution #3

Be less of a photohog:

Gaurav is the photography lover in this relationship, but we’re both guilty of snapping way too many photos every time we take a trip. The result? Thousands of pictures which we simply don’t have the time to sort through, edit, or post. In the age of visual-heavy social media, a lot of travelers seem to encounter this same problem. It’s almost as if if you don’t capture every minute of a trip it didn’t happen.

travel resolution
Fewer photos, more experiences.


We’ve decided we’re going on a photo diet! This means we’ll set a limit for how many photos we’re allowed to take when we travel. That way we’ll be sure to focus on quality instead of snapping pictures at random, AND we’ll enjoy our time more not being tied to the camera constantly. We are still undecided about the right amount for our photo diet. What do you think? 100 pictures per trip? Less? More?


Travel Resolution #4

Be lighter packers:

Oh man, this is a tough one. You know when you’re packing your bag and you think: What if, by some random, probably-impossible turn of events I suddenly need X, Y, Z item. So you stuff it in your bag. Don’t feel bad, we’ve done this plenty too….and usually regret it loads later. There’s nothing more unpleasant than carrying around a heavy, overstuffed bag while you travel, so next time you’re keen to pack that extra pair of shoes, remember how much it’s going to hurt later!

light packer
We’re learning to avoid crowded suitcases, are you?


One of the best ways to make sure you don’t overpack is to simply get a smaller bag! Ever since we switched to gym duffels, we’ve been carrying a lot less. Now we tend to pack enough shirts to last 3-4 days and pants/shorts that can be worn daily, and we wash things as we go along. Also, if you do arrive in a foreign country and discover there’s something absolutely essential you’ve left behind, remember that you can usually purchase it abroad too.


Travel Resolution #5

Be less connected:

This seems like a weird resolution considering we live in the age of Instagram and Twitter, but the fact of the matter is that you don’t really need to be connected 24/7, do you? Social media can be addictive, which makes disconnecting really difficult, but sometimes it can be the best thing to do for your overall well-being. You’ve got to admit, updating your social media every hour while traveling can be something of a hindrance to enjoying the full experience!

Disconnect more in 2019!


Let’s start with baby steps. Choose one day out of the week and dub it ‘Social Media Free Day’. Use that time to get out and do something without documenting it. It might feel weird at first, but we guarantee you’ll start to enjoy those days of disconnection. We certainly plan to!


What are your 2019 travel resolutions? Share your tips, and destinations, with us!

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