About Us


I was born in the US but spent my entire childhood in Mexico. My parents are both Americans so I was a third-culture kid who felt like I didn’t quite fit in to either the American or Mexican culture. After graduating high-school, I left Mexico to explore the world and have lived and traveled to many different countries including Taiwan, Cuba, Singapore (and now) the UK. A part of my third-culture adult identity is that I feel more comfortable as a foreigner in another country than in what would be considered my native country, the USA. 

I’m the free-spirited one in our relationship and have always held the mentality that you shouldn’t say ‘no’ to new opportunities, no matter how weird, far-flung, or scary they may seem! I used to be a professional ballerina and am now a writer and a small business owner. I’m a big literary nerd and the way to my heart is definitely starting a chat about Ernest Hemingway, Haruki Murakami, or Kurt Vonnegut. I love coffee and wine and you’ll always find my seeking out quirky cafes and seedy bars while traveling!  



My third-culture story is a little different from Katie’s. I was born in India and spent the majority of my childhood there up until I was fourteen, which is when I moved to Singapore to study on a scholarship. My formative, growing up years were spent in Singapore where I went on to get my bachelors and masters degrees. I’m a late-bloomer when it comes to travel as I didn’t start wandering until I was in my twenties, but I’ve found it to be extremely addictive and haven’t stopped traveling since.

I’m the sensible, practical one in our relationship, and you’ll usually find me making Katie’s whimsies a reality. I’m a big cricket fan (of course) and never lose out on the opportunity to support India! I’m also passionate about photography and am constantly snapping photos when we travel. It’s definitely become a great creative outlet for me.